Charles Yang Zhijun

In addition to being the founder and president of APAQ Group, YANG Zhijun also holds the following positions: China Enterprises Chamber Of Commerce In Malaysia(CECCM) TREASURER, Malaysia-China Business Council (MCBC) – Visa & Business Advisory Committee Committee Member, Malaysia-Guangdong Chamber of Investment Promotion (MGCIP) Vice Secretary, and Malaysia-China Trade Promotion Association (MCTPA) General Secretary.

China Enterprises Chamber Of Commerce In Malaysia(CECCM)

“Chinese enterprise” refers to the enterprises, companies or chambers of commerce controlled by the People’s Republic of China or by Chinese citizens.

China Enterprises Chamber Of Commerce In Malaysia(CECCM) was established in 2002.

The Association was established to promote the healthy development of Chinese enterprises in Malaysia and to safeguard the legitimate interests of Chinese enterprises. Its purpose is to promote mutual contacts and exchanges among Chinese enterprises, to enhance understanding and communication between Chinese enterprises and the Malaysian business community, to expand economic and trade cooperation with Malaysia and to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese enterprises, to guide and coordinate the legal operation and fair competition of Chinese enterprises, to coordinate and solve major business problems, and to make external negotiation on behalf of members.

China Enterprises Chamber Of Commerce In Malaysia(CECCM) maintains close contact with Chinese Embassy in Malaysia, business office, government bodies in Malaysia, local business communities and associations, and provides necessary consultation and services for association members and other institutions and person who are interested in coming to Malaysia or China for business.

Malaysia – Guangdong Chamber of Investment Promotion (MGCIP)

About MGCIP – the best platform for establishing relations among enterprises

MGCIP is a non-profit organization. It was founded in 2008 and was approved by Chinese local authorities and Chinese Embassy in Malaysia. In the same year, MGCIP strode forward to a new milestones, signed cooperation agreement with China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Guangdong Committee on September 12 to establish “Guangdong – Malaysia Bilateral Entrepreneurs Council”.

The main objective of MGCIP is to become an international platform so as to promote exchanges and cooperation between Malaysian and Guangdong business communities, and to build the communication platform between the business communities of Malaysia and Guangdong so as to enhance friendship and mutual trust and to effectively discuss and resolve any challenges and questions.



 MALAYSIA-CHINA TRADE PROMOTION ASSOCIATION hereinafter referred to as MCTPA, was founded and advocated by CCIC Malaysia Commodities Inspection Sdn. Bhd in 2016 after approved by Malaysia’s national government departments. MCTPA is a non-profit community organization in the aim of practically & efficiently promoting china-malaysia trade development thus as its service tenet,to provide members with timely, accurate & comprehensive trade demand.

In recent years, CCIC Malaysia Commodities Inspection Sdn. Bhd has made positive contributions to serve trade development between the two countries. But with the increase of trade volume between the two countries at the same time, the pressure and responsibility are much heavier. In order to do better to serve the trade between the two countries, after sought for opinions from many ways, meanwhile with the recognition and support of Malaysia and the Chinese government relevant departments, under the background of CCIC profession, the MCTPA was founded. Its significance and role will be very important. Its founding is not only the inevitable outcome of the healthy and rapid development of trade between Malaysia and China, and it will also make positive contributions to prompt the development of trade between Malaysia and China.

MCTPA will closely cooperate with Malaysian government departments, all kinds of chamber of commerce and other institutions to provide a more pragmatic and efficient service for enterprises to strengthen investment cooperation between the two countries and to make great efforts to promote continuous development of bilateral economic and trade relations.

First, by the means of holding exhibition forum, group visits, project promotion to promote mutually beneficial cooperation among enterprises between the two countries;

Second, give full play to the role of the lawyer professional committee to provide legal advice and other integrated services for the enterprise trade and investment, release bilateral trade and investment policy change information in a timely manner;

Third, give full play to the role of the palm oil, minerals, construction and other professional committee to increase the communication & exchanges among traders and investors between Malaysia and China;

Fourth, strengthen the work intensity of inspection and quarantine professional committee, vigorously promote the two countries and international trade related laws and regulations, the emerging trade way, inspection and quarantine as well as customs clearance procedures, so investors and traders of the two countries could avoid detours and reduce risks.

Fifth, allow full play to the role of the secretariat of China’s major ports, to speed up the trade information exchange and sharing, timely help enterprises solve the problems arising from the trade;

Sixth, actively reflect the enterprise reasonable needs and propose valuable advice to relevant government departments to promote policy coordination, set up Service Bridge for enterprise success cooperation to create the more favorable trade and investment environment.