1.Why APAQ?
Why us? We’re one of a kind. Unique. Original. A global cybersecurity specialist.
Our difference goes deeper than ‘what we do’. It’s an attitude. A way of life. A relentless quest for growth, innovation and disruption. We always dare to be distinctive.
We’re a trusted digital infrastructure and cybersecurity company. The first and only in technology distribution to change the rules: delivering value-creating principles at a global scale with local expertise.

2.IT Consultancy
1.Apaq helps clients and partners to design and develop advanced IT facilities and Next-Gen SOC that is capable of providing the highest level of performance and quality assurance
2.Our market leading IT Consultants, Analysts and Researchers can help you train a competent IT team that can meet your needs and objectives
3.Gap Analysis (People, Processes & Technologies)
4.Next-Gen IT & SOC Blueprint
5.SOP & Operational Plan
6.Custom-Design Platform
7.Design, Build, Operate & Transfer
8.Business & Operation Modelling
9.Governance Modelling
10.Maturity Modelling

3.Track Record
Apaq is in the forefront in engaging with various Critical Sectors to fortify their cybersecurity defense. As a platform, Apaq and its partners transformed the cyber security capabilities of all the Sector, where threat intelligence is now shared seamlessly and anonymously to identify and safeguard to the entire sector from further attacks.
Apaq is to help managed to gain real time cyber situational awareness , so that sector itself can  institutions to collaborate as one cyber security team to protect each other.

The benefits:

  • Gain real-time situational awareness of threats affecting the sector
  • Prioritize and coordinate sectoral response by the level of relevancy and potential impact
  • Proactive risks rating on each sectoral member and the sector as a whole
  • Limit spread of attacks within the country’s for all sector
  • Significantly lowering the MTTR (mean time to response / resolution) for sectoral members
  • Multi-directional information sharing with anonymity

Apaq enables the all sector to better regulate its respective industry and organizations within the sector (Sector Members) to respond faster to cyber threats.

Forever relevant cybersecurity solutions
We are helping to drive the transition to a totally trusted digital world through our network security solutions. It’s a living evolution. Always relevant, never standing still, continually reinventing.

It’s why the world’s channel partners need a specialist. Going beyond trust to optimise, scale, flex, connect and orchestrate the digital infrastructures of the global economy to create a more secure, totally trusted digital world.