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APAQ RESOURCES SDN BHD is a construction unit subordinate to Malaysia APAQ Group. Thanks to the full support of friends from all walks of life, the enterprise has achieved rapid development since its establishment on February 5, 2013.

The Malaysian core team members of APAQ RESOURCES DEVELOPMENT have rich experience in international engineering project management and construction, and have established good cooperation relationship with local large listed developers, contractors and materials suppliers in Malaysia. They are familiar with local laws and regulations of Malaysia, have extensive cooperation with relevant government departments and design supervision units, and have established mutual trust.

In the future, the company will focus on new-type construction industrialization, building energy conservation and environmental protection, integrated housing, passive building, future building and new building materials.

We provide customers with “one-stop” quality service combining design, construction and supervision, and have completed a number of large engineering projects, including hotel, top-grade apartment, sewage disposal plant, bank renovation, office renovation, and construction of quick-frozen product cold storage,  workshop and warehouse, etc.


Cooperation, explore and build a security field supported by intelligent security systems and big data applications, and carry out in-depth cooperation in smart home, intelligent logistics, intelligent traffic systems, smart safe city project and other aspects.


Customized technical support and services, and strive to create an intelligent working, living and learning environment for users to create a safe, convenient and green living environment in smart technology. Enjoy the relaxed, comfortable and enjoyable life of technology.


We fully encourage social innovation and jumpstart collaboration among the technology community to provide solutions to specific local needs. APAQ are committed to disrupting for good to impact our communities in a positive way. Community are essential  for advancing tech equity by making it a shared vision.